Rooted Collective



Housing in Boston is in crisis. As neighborhoods like Dorchester, Roxbury, and Mattapan rapidly gentrify, long-time black and brown residents are being displaced. Most residents of these majority black Boston neighborhoods rent rather than own. Instead of benefiting from new amenities coming into these neighborhoods, many are faced with skyrocketing rents which threaten to destroy long-standing communities and push people further from good jobs, quality education, and accessible transit. This is not only painful; it is immoral. The present, gross disparities in homeownership rates are a direct result of racial discrimination. Blacks were funneled into these neighborhoods as a direct result of racist pressure and public policies. For decades, these neighborhoods have been under-resourced. Now, having made these communities their home, for black and brown residents–as the tides turn and these neighborhoods are deemed more desirable–are being forced from their homes.


Rooted Collective is committed to a future in which these historically under-resourced neighborhoods flourish and in which their futures are determined by those who live there; a future in which the people of color who call these neighborhoods home can do so for as long as they wish, and are honored for the countless ways in which they’ve made these neighborhoods such a great place to live. Rooted Collective is a grassroots, multi-racial group of Christians and neighbors who are grieved by racial injustice and the displacement crisis. We are committed to learn, build relationships, and take action to leverage our time, relationships, and resources to support black homeownership in Boston.


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