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“God-centered, Christ-exalting, Bible-saturated churches where the gospel is cherished—these are the birthplace of the kind of racial harmony that gives long-term glory to God
and long-term gospel good to the world”

Bryan Loritts

“Church planting is the ultimate spiritual investment”
Tim Keller

Spiritual Need

Boston is the largest city in America’s most secular region…

To meet the challenges of our changing cultural context, we need churches that can help bring the gospel to…

Your support can help us reach every man, woman, and child…

Your support can help us reach every man, woman, and child…

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Our Vision

Transformational Discipleship.  Incarnational Love.  Gospel Saturation.

We are committed to being so deeply transformed by Jesus that we share radical hospitality, resilient peacemaking, prophetic witness, and tangible love with our families, friends, coworkers, and neighbors. We are committed to developing communities of rooted love such that the stories of our neighborhoods and networks are measurably changed. We are committed to seeing racial brokenness healed, those in danger of displacement rooted, families restored, the homeless sheltered, drug users freed, schools funded, and our planet flourish. We are committed to extending repeated opportunities for every man, woman, and child in our city to experience and accept the love of Jesus.

Why Here?

Dorchester is Boston’s largest neighborhood and one of the most diverse communities in America.

It is a neighborhood of many stories: Immigrants from Vietnam, Ireland, and Cabo Verde live alongside residents who’ve been here for generations; Luxury condominiums abut vacant lots; Shootings meet startups; Catholic scandal and irreligious pagans. This wonderful mix of diverse cultures, backgrounds, and experiences makes Dorchester an incredibly vibrant place to work and live.

The neighborhood faces significant challenges.

While Boston boasts a strong economy, Dorchester suffers from unemployment and poverty at higher rates than the national average. Gun violence routinely steals lives and fractures families. The pain of people living on the street or abusing drugs is close to the surface. Two-thirds of residents rent instead of own and rising housing costs are threatening families with displacement.

Dorchester has relatively few vibrant churches, even by Boston standards.

Population: 126,000

Dorchester is the largest neighborhood in Boston. If it were its own city, it would be the 4th largest in Massachusetts.

Poised for Continued Growth

2,000+ new housing units were approved for construction between 2010 and 2016. The neighborhood is projected to grow another 13% by 2030.

Local Concerns

  • Housing displacement
  • Struggling Schools
  • Gun violence

Our Leadership

At age 10, Josh’s family moved from rural Ohio to urban Moscow, Russia to plant a church. Thrust into a foreign environment, Josh learned to bridge cultural barriers with the Gospel. He also developed a defining belief that God is on the move everywhere, and that encountering Jesus has the power to transform people’s lives.

Before starting The Table, Josh served in a church plant in Scranton, PA, trained for urban ministry on Chicago’s West Side, and served as Connections Pastor at Heart Change Fellowship in Boston. He has served under black leadership and in primarily non-white congregations for four years and holds a bachelor’s degree in Pastoral Ministry and two master’s degrees (M.Min, M.Div) focused on church planting and urban ministry.

Josh is an extroverted nerd who is always up for a passionate conversation about life’s most pressing questions. He spends his free time drinking coffee, playing board games, and striking up conversations with strangers on topics of theology, race, philosophy, social policy, ethics, and college football.. Josh is the Lead Pastor at The Table, where he helps people find their way back to God, learn to live life with God, and use their gifts for the renewal of their neighborhoods.

Have questions? Give Josh a call at  (617) 564-6623   

Have questions? Give Josh a call at
(617) 564-6623   

Or shoot Josh an email

Aly grew up in beautiful Southern California. A church kid from a Christian family, she served as a worship and small group leader and took mission trips to Mexico and Brazil throughout junior high and high school. In college, Aly began to wrestle with her faith; an InterVarsity trip, which took her to live and work among Sudanese refugees in Cairo, Egypt sparked a series of questions about how her comfortable Christian experience in SoCal had relevance for the painful inequalities of the world. Aly began to long for an expression of church that cared for both souls and societies.

Back in California, she joined the staff of a global missions organization and enrolled in the Spiritual Formation & Soul Care program at Talbot Seminary. She put her classroom learning into practice, helping to lead several missionary communities in nearby Long Beach & Fullerton, CA before going on to lead People & Culture at a social enterprise in Boston.

Today, Aly uses her training as a transformational coach and spiritual director with Space to Thrive and as Pastor for Spiritual Formation at The Table. She is deeply intuitive, discerning, and attuned to what’s happening below the surface in both individuals and communities. More than anything, Aly longs to see people experience the love of Jesus and have their identities recast in Him.

Our Mission

train people to live
and love like Jesus

Our Path

Our Values

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Here’s what others are saying…

Pastor Josh Wilson’s vision to plant a multiethnic church is not just something he wants to do because it’s the “in” thing, it’s an extension of how he lives and what he has devoted himself to. I have watched him follow minority leadership, study the subject extensively in classes I have taught, and above all else display a passion for Jesus, the main reason for Christ-exalting leadership. You will find Pastor Wilson to be one of the most authentic leaders in the church of Jesus Christ. It’s my joy to endorse him and the good work God has called him to do.

Bryan Loritts

Teaching Pastor, The Summit Church

We are pleased to partner with Josh and Aly Wilson to plant a new Gospel-centered work in Dorchester. I love the vibrancy and passion Josh and Aly bring and their singular focus on reaching people who wouldn’t normally come to church by extending the love of Jesus into places where people live, work, and play. Please join me in prayerfully considering how you might support them.

Tim Ponzani

District Executive, Converge Northeast

Josh and Aly have a great vision for a neighborhood-centered, multi-ethnic church. They are amazing at welcoming people into their home and creating space where those who are lifelong followers of Jesus and those who are not connected to faith feel welcome. Josh is a strong leader and vision-caster with great tools around him for self-reflection, self-care, and support. His previous work in Dorchester sets him up perfectly for understanding his community, its needs, and how a church can come alongside the work happening there for the sake of the Gospel.

Chris Hall

Lead Pastor, REUNION Christian Church

Josh Wilson has a heart for the hurting and people on the margins of life. He served at Lawndale Christian Community Church and our affiliate ministries and was part of our community in 2014.  During his time in North Lawndale, Josh showed a good understanding of the principles of Christian Community Development including the importance of listening to the community and living among the people. He is a wonderful person who cares about others. I’m excited about his church plant in Boston because I know it will reflect these values.

"Coach" Wayne Gordon

Senior Pastor, Lawndale Christian Community Church

Strategic Partners

The Ethnos Network is an Association of Churches that looks to start new spaces for people to explore and connect with Jesus and what He is doing in urban, global cities near universities.

Stadia is a nationwide church-planting organization that works with high impact leaders to plant high impact churches. They bring people and churches together to plant healthy churches.

Converge Northeast is a movement of 92 congregations working together around the world to help people meet, know, and follow Jesus across the Northeast

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Give Financially

Our goal is for The Table to become a self-sustaining church in five years. The cost of living and doing ministry in Boston is high. While we anticipate reaching people of means and training people in Biblical stewardship, we will also be ministering among students, immigrants, and the urban poor, who often have limited resources. The chart below shows how we will transition from a church supported by outside financial partners to a self-sustaining, multiplying church.

Here’s where things stand:

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Pray Faithfully

The most powerful tool we have is prayer. The enemy opposes this work and will only be overcome by the power and presence of God. Will you partner with us through daily prayer? Pray God would provide the people and partnerships necessary for this vision to be realized. Pray for our team. Pray for Dorchester.

Join our Monthly Call

Each month we host a time of prayer to share what God’s doing, praise God, and pray together. 

Join us the second Monday of each month at 12 PM (EST)

call in by dialing (646) 558-8656 
Meeting ID: 889 561 086

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Pray With Us

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Volunteer Your Time

Whoever you are, and however you’re gifted, there are ways for you to join the team to help make this vision a reality! Whether you’re an individual willing to help with a skill-based project or a church interested in bringing a mission team, we’d love to find ways to partner for the good of our neighborhood and the advancement of the gospel.

Take a look at the areas we need support and let us know what skills you’d consider sharing by filling out the 2 minute survey below!

We promise to:
  Provide opportunities to make a tangible difference
  Be as clear about our expectations and the anticipated commitment
  Create clear “off-boarding” opportunities
  Appreciate and pray for you!

Join the Team

We’re on the greatest mission in the world – God’s – in the best place in the world – Boston. Our team is growing and through 2021 there will be opportunities to join us at multiple levels as we start new micro-churches and begin regular Launch Team meetings. If you’re longing for a community that lives in encounter with the Father, is learning to embody the life of the Kingdom, and extends Jesus’ love in the neighborhood, would you prayerfully consider whether God might be inviting you to join us? God is bringing together a diverse group of families to be part of this exciting new adventure. We’d love to talk to you.

Give Josh a call (617-564-6623) or get in touch by filling out the form below.

We’d love to answer questions and explore how we might partner to make Jesus known!