A Microchurch for Young Families

helping parents and their kids thrive


Parenting can be a crazy and disorienting journey. Overnight, so much about our lives changes and many of us are left to navigate these challenges alone.

Do you feel like you’re just barely keeping things afloat but longing for a deeper sense of intentionality, depth, and community?

What if, instead of choosing between our kids and spiritual community, we had a spiritual community that supported us and our children? What if the church adapted to the sleep schedules and demands of this season? The Parents Microchurch is a (micro)church community of and for young families. By sharing spiritual practices, supportive community, and collective service, we build connections with God and each other to help us and our kids thrive.


  • Once/month | In person with the whole family, likely a Saturday morning
  • Once/month | In person with dads, time TBD
  • Once/month | In person with moms, time TBD
  • Once/month | A Zoom connect for parents to have meaningful conversations about faith, life, and thriving; likely on a weeknight after kids’ bedtimes


Right now, this microchurch is in the Rally stage. To get off the ground, we’ll need:

  • 3-4 individuals or couples committed to engagement in all spaces
  • At least 1 individual or couple committed to lead each individual space

We hope to start rhythms in the Spring of ’22.