2021 Discipleship Cohort

take a journey
to live and love like Jesus

2021 Journey Overview

The Discipleship Journey is a cohort-based training experience designed to equip people to live and love like Jesus, transforming the way they relate to God, live in community, and engage their networks. Along the way, participants develop a new imagination for church as they share experiences, learn new frameworks, and develop transforming habits allowing them to meaningfully extend Jesus’ love. At journey’s end, participants may continue the journey as a new microchurch.


At the very core of the Christian life is a commitment to follow Jesus; learning to live as he lived so that we might love as he loved. This journey offers a structured, intentional, and expertly guided opportunity to do just that. Whether you’re just exploring Christian faith or are a seminary-trained Christian leader, this journey has been proven to generate transformational change in the direction of Jesus. If you are longing for your life to feel more connected to God, to experience the joy of intimate, reconciled community, or to deepen and clarify your passion for and practice of extending love to those far from God, this cohort is for you.


The Table’s Discipleship Journey is more than great content. It’s format for learning takes its cues from the greatest teacher to ever live, Jesus. This experiential, practice-based, coaching-supported training creates a “gym” in which you can try on new practices and develop lifelong habits that will change your life.

Outcomes of the Discipleship Journey include:

  • Develop an entire toolbox of practices to help you encounter God’s presence
  • Discern God’s voice and develop habits of listening to and obeying God
  • Develop intimate, healthy, and resilient relationships
  • Contribute your unique spiritual gifting to God’s mission
  • Experience how the gospel transforms all of life
  • Imagine a new way of doing and being church


The 2021 Cohort will meet on Wednesday evenings beginning September 15. The Discipleship Cohort is a seven month journey. The content is broken up into three nine-week cycles. Each cycle is followed by a two-week break.

  • Discipleship Cohort | Over dinner, one night a week, 6-9 PM
  • Kairos Group | Once a month, on your own schedule


Your guides for this journey are Josh & Aly Wilson.

JOSH WILSON is Lead Organizer & Trainer for The Table, a microchurch movement in Boston. Before helping to launch The Table, Josh served as Connections Pastor at Heart Change Fellowship in Boston and helped start churches in Scranton and Moscow. He is a sought after speaker, trainer, and coach with years of experience helping communities in faith-based, nonprofit, and corporate settings. He holds two Master’s Degrees (M.Min; M.Div) is a trained coach, and experienced Pastor and Community Organizer. Josh loves leveraging his diverse personal and professional experience and his own decades of spiritual pursuit to empower individuals and communities to flourish.

ALY WILSON is a spiritual director and transformational coach focused on fostering thriving leaders, individuals, and teams through human-centered communication, coaching, care, and systems creation. She first began to explore movemental approaches to church and intentional community during her time on staff with Novo, a global missions organization where she helped lead missionary communities in Long Beach & Fullerton, CA. In addition to her work at The Table, she leads the People and Culture Team at Framework Homeownership, a social enterprise developing tech solutions to empower informed decision-making throughout the homeownership journey and create more access and equitability in the homebuying process. More than anything, Aly longs to see people experience the love of Jesus and have their identities recast in Him.



Jose Jimenez

“This discipleship journey has helped me extend Jesus’ love to my neighbors. I struggle to invite non-Christians to Christian stuff because of a fear of rejection, but I’ve been learning to step outside my comfort zone. I invited some non-Christians to events our microchurch hosted. Three came and I was able to have conversations with them outside of this space as well! I’m becoming more intentional about showing the gospel – not just by talking, but by loving people.”

Mikeya Kirksey

“Before this group I was hurt and bitter. I didn’t want people to see me. When Josh invited me I was like, ‘I don’t know what the point would be of having someone like me; I’m divorced. I’m a single mom. You don’t want me.’ But Josh was like, ‘You are going to reach people that Aly and I could never reach.’ I didn’t believe it at first, but there is some change happening. Through this group, God’s light has shined – not just in me, but through me reaching other people.”

Rita Resende-Meouchy

This group has been a provision from God. Before this journey, I was still calling myself a Christian, but I don’t know if I would have continued. My whole life, I’ve struggled to integrate going to church with the rest of my life. For the first time, I’ve been able to internalize things that I had previously wanted to believe, but was never really able to embody. My faith feels so much more integrated. I feel grounded and confident in bringing my faith into my life.