A community learning to live & love like Jesus


We are The Table.

The Table is a new church community learning to live & love like Jesus in Dorchester and beyond. Together, we’re discovering how to encounter God in everyday life, share life as a spiritual family, and tangibly love our neighbors.


More than a gathering.

The Table isn’t a building or a Sunday service. We’re a network of small communities that we call microchurches sharing a common journey to love God, one another, and our neighbors a bit better each day.


We roll up our sleeves.

Jesus was moved by the needs of those around Him and was willing to get involved. We follow Jesus by listening well and taking action to serve, advocate for justice, and meet needs. We know Jesus’ love can transform people and places – It has already changed us.


We’re in it together.

We’re people discovering what it’s like to live as family. We’re learning and growing together, sharing our hopes and hurts as we share life together. Like our families of origin, this kind of community is a bit messy and occasionally weird. As we follow Jesus we’re discovering new ways of showing up and being transformed along the way.



Finding God.

We are spiritual seekers who believe God is always ready to welcome us home, not scowling down from above. We’re digging into the wisdom of Scripture and our Christian faith to discover how to live in relationship to God each day.

Jump in.

Our community gathers in Microchurches throughout the week and on the 1st & 3rd Sundays of each month for Hub Gatherings. We’d love to have you join us as we learn, worship, and serve together. Find the latest events on the calendar below. You’re always welcome.

july, 2024

Hub Gatherings, 1st & 3rd Sunday of each month at 10:30am.

Our leaders.

Our leaders organize our community and humbly model following Jesus. 

Josh Wilson
Pastor |

Caleb McCoy 
Microchurch Organizer

Molly Warner
Microchurch Organizer

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